Advantages Of Using CBD For Women

Cannabidiol industry is gaining momentum at a rapid pace, and CBD has made its appearance in numerous products including, gummies, protein bars, soaps, shampoos, and even pillows. Breweries have jumped on the bandwagon and serving CBD infused beers and cocktails and have given alcohol-lovers every reason to feel excited. Few are curious to know about its safety.

Do CBD and alcohol mix well?

When considering the two substances separately, alcohol serves as a depressant, interacts with the central nervous system, and alters one’s mood, speech, and coordination. Though alcohol and weed could greatly heighten the psychotic effects felt, CBD products exert only a more subtle influence by interacting with the receptors of our body’s endocannabinoid system.

Though there is only limited research available regarding this, the handful of studies done so far have shown that it is safe to take both alongside each other. There are no enough studies regarding CBD’s effects alongside specific types of drinks and alcohol percentage. Hence it is advised to be still cautious and keep your alcohol level in check when taking it alongside CBD.

Reliability of CBD product:

The safety of CBD is also determined by the quality of the CBD product. Not all CBD products in the market are of pure quality and are made from improper extraction methods. Find a reliable CBD manufacturer, to begin with. If you are thinking about purchasing CBD oil onlinecheck out the website of the JustCBD store.

They are the leading CBD manufacturer in the US featuring a wide range of effective organic CBD products. Each of their products goes through third-party laboratory testing and are safe for consumption. Before you add CBD oil to alcohol, know about what to expect.

What happens when CBD and alcohol are consumed together?

  • Alcohol promotes a sense of relaxation and reduces inhibitions just like CBD. Taking both together is likely to amplify these effects but you can expect increased sedation when the CBD dosage is higher.
  • They could be changes in behavior and mood.
  • High dosage CBD taken along with alcohol can affect sensory-motor performance and create a skewed perception of time.
  • CBD is likely to cancel-out the ill-effects that arise as a result of alcohol consumption that includes preventing cell damage, reduce blood alcohol level in the body and could help with recovering from alcohol addiction.

Considering trying CBD and alcohol together?

  • Learn about the different CBD products available and know about how they work before mixing it with alcohol
  • Find a water-soluble CBD product that would dissolve with alcohol so that it would be absorbed into your body properly.
  • Avoid trying it with your usual CBD dosage. Start with a smaller dosage and then increase the dosage if you find it works for you. 
  • Consult a medical practitioner and express your concerns if you are worried it could cause health implications.
  • Avoid driving at all costs after consuming CBD and alcohol together

Though no adverse effects have been recorded yet when alcohol and CBD are taken in limited dosage, the effects can vary according to an individual’s body chemistry. If you want to give it a try, keep a check on the quantity of both.